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In All Things Give Him Praise

In The Potter's Hands

Joy is the settled assurance that God is in control of all the details of my life, the quiet confidence that ultimately everything is going to be all right, and the determined choice to praise God in all things. ~ Kay Warren

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“I could have created a manifesto – I chose a different path,” – Cheryl Dorsey

Black & Blue

The Creation of a Manifesto: Book 1



Publisher: Universal Kingdom Print


Let me first state, without any equivocation, I DO NOT condone the senseless murders. However, I do UNDERSTAND. It is my hope that this book will help to make sense out of the nonsense that was instrumental in the creation of a manifesto and the wrong thinking of one individual who challenged the LAPD machine. I pray for the families affected by the violence that God will grant you a peace that will surpass all understanding.

I, too, was betrayed and beaten down by the LAPD system. I was wrongly charged with giving false and misleading statements and ordered to an arbitrary and capricious Board of Rights (BOR). The BOR members are LAPD command staff officers and have a vested interest in adjudicating personnel complaints in a manner which protects the department and the City of LA, by any means necessary. These biased BOR decisions have resulted in numerous civil suits by officers, BOR termination reversals, and officer reinstatements.

LAPD’s problems and internal struggles, which precipitated the creation of the Christopher Commission in 1991, are the same issues facing the department in 2013; they’re cultural and systemic. The department crafts an image of any officer who complains in such a way that makes that officer appear distasteful, and therefore anything that they say or do is rejected. However, I am an honorably retired police sergeant who’s willing to expose the department’s two-tiered system of discipline and the manner in which the LAPD condones acts of sexism, racism, and reverse racism.

I could have created a manifesto—I chose a different path.

Family Is Everything


Family Blessing at a Gathering

Father in Heaven,
We praise You for giving us Your Son
To be our Saviour and Lord.
Bless us all as we gather
And let us live happily in Your love.

Hear our prayer, loving Father,
For we ask this in Jesus’ Name.


“Let It Go”

Let It Go Workbook: Finding Your Way to an Amazing Future Through Forgiveness

Look at what T. D. Jakes is saying about opening your world to reach all of your highest potentials by letting things go. Let’s move forward.

As you proceed on your path to personal growth and want to gain insight into what prevents you from being the husband, wife, parent, or creative person you were born to be, benefit from this inspiring and easy-to-use workbook by T.D. Jakes, author of the New York Times bestseller Let It Go: Forgive So You Can Be Forgiven.

More than a companion piece to Let It Go, this is a guide through an “exhilarating journey that will enable you to finally reach the potential you know is inside you and take you to a level of personal success you may have only dreamed of until now,” says Bishop Jakes. This workbook outlines the fundamentals of forgiveness and provides the spiritual and psychological tools to acknowledge and process feelings that may have held you back from fulfilling your greatest potential.

Now Were Talking Business

An Amazing add to any business minded individual. The New York time bestseller and motivational speaker David Allen has some sure proof info. on how to jump start your business and to keep the engine going. In his book. ” Getting Things Done”; which has key points on how to get things done and how to make them happen take a look.

Getting Things Done Allen shows how to:

* Apply the “do it, delegate it, defer it, drop it” rule to get your in-box to empty
* Reassess goals and stay focused in changing situations
* Plan projects as well as get them unstuck
* Overcome feelings of confusion, anxiety, and being overwhelmed
* Feel fine about what you’re not doing

From core principles to proven tricks, Getting Things Done can transform the way you work, showing you how to pick up the pace without wearing yourself down.


Great Idea

Live to Write - Write to Live

BFL          While working alone on a long project like a novel, it’s easy to feel lonely, disconnected from readers and isolated from peers. The best antidote I know for this malaise is a literary festival. And even though I’m not feeling particularly lonely, disconnected or isolated at this time, I am nevertheless looking forward to the annual Brattleboro Literary Festival, which takes place Thursday through Sunday, October third through sixth of this year.

Brattleboro, Vermont, is a literary town. It is home to at least four independent bookstores, despite a population of only 12,000. In addition, it’s home to the Brooks Memorial Library, a full-service resource for stories and information in all formats, from the old-school hardcover to the on-demand digital download.

Rudyard Kipling and Saul Bellow both lived in the hills around Brattleboro, hills that continue to be heavily populated by writers of all genres and…

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” The War On Me”

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 A few weeks later, I actually ran into this man again on campus. He was a young, African-American male, who seemed to be fully versed in all spiritual matters, and he confirmed again what we both saw.

Now, some might say there is a strong possibility that this young man was perhaps an angel unawares; but the fact remains, he was a real, flesh and blood man. Furthermore, at the time that we met again, he reiterated the vision that took place in the Resource Center. I am also certain that by now he would have shared the event with other Christian believers within his circle.

Unlike other garden-variety visions, this one was a massive one, and I found myself centrally situated in the middle of the war. Now, as it goes with any garden-variety vision, they usually end after a time and allow one to return to the physical realm, to carry on with one’s normal motions of life; but not this one. It continued to rage on, to the extent that I had to stop doing my homework and leave the Resource Center. Relentlessly, the vision followed me out into the parking lot. I literally had to turn my face from the raging battle and walk away.

As I put one foot in front of the other to leave, I realized that I was walking with a limp, due to the sharp pain now coursing through my ankle. Nevertheless, the raging battle followed me all the way to the train station.

Once on the train, a whole new and horrific vision took place. Several other passengers were sitting inside the train car in front of me, dressed in coats and winter wear. Suddenly, several ugly creatures emerged, which could have been nothing else than demons from hell; and they began to bite and tear at the passengers’ skins and clothing.

The passengers in question didn’t fully realize what was happening to them. They seemed to feel only the slight discomfort of the attacks, and began to flick their hands this way and that way; as if to swat flies. The passengers were utterly clueless of the demonic attacks against them, but were no doubt a foretaste of things to come, should they ever find themselves in hell.


The Never Ending Hallway To Your Incredible Dreams

This Why I Choose This Theme:

The War on Me: One Night the Enemy Manifested and She Showed Him Who's the Boss!

 Two months prior, Pastor Donaldson called a thirty-day, church-wide fast. Nearing the completion of the thirty days, the pastor walked up to me and said, “The Lord wants you to fast a total of forty days.”

So, I continued in the fast an additional ten. Little did I know, this would unlock the door to supernatural events for which I was hardly prepared. And then, on the thirty-eighth day, it happened.

The thin veil separating the physical and spiritual worlds disintegrated right before my eyes. I remember sitting at the computer table inside the Resource Center of City College in San Diego. It was a library of sorts, well lit and populated with several people in the early evening hours after class.

I was minding my own business doing my homework when, suddenly, I was lifted up into a massive vision. I saw a raging battlefield complete with charging horses, arrows flying, fire explosions, and warriors fighting one another with clashing swords, clad in heavy, armor. Too frightened to move, I could barely blink.

Still in the vision, I was drawn into the very midst of the battle, when an arrow struck me in the ankle, and I felt the sharp pain of it pierce my flesh and bone. The wound of this injury actually manifested on my physical flesh during the following weeks, and left me walking with a limp.

Just then, an unknown man, not part of the vision but standing directly behind me in the Resource Center, tapped me on the shoulder and said, “I’m glad I’m not the one on that field.”

Excuse me? How was it that he could also see the same vision of this raging battle in the middle of the Resource Center? Was he an angel, or a flesh and blood man? At that moment, I was too transfixed on the vision to figure it out. As the battle raged on, I remember him standing casually behind me with his arms folded, watching on.

Now Here’s Something To Blog About

I Had the pleasure of meeting this awesome author and I have also have read the book awesome read. Don’t take my word for it add it to your library.




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